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A recent research paper titled Acupuncture: An Overview of Scientific Evidence examines health issues with the most scientific evidence supporting acupuncture as an effective treatment modality.  Low back pain, migraine, tension headache, knee osteoarthritis, nausea, allergic rhinitis, and postoperative pain round out the top 7 conditions that not only respond well to acupuncture treatment, but are also backed up with the strong support of modern scientific research.

The overview concludes that "Acupuncture enjoys moderate to strong evidence of effectiveness in the treatment of 46 conditions and is considered safe in the hands of properly trained practitioners. This strong scientific support is impressive and helpful for patients in the context of a conventional healthcare system where nearly half of all treatments lack evidence for their use. Acupuncture is also considered cost-effective for a number of conditions where evidence is available. Comparatively, for many conditions it enjoys greater evidence than many conventional treatments and is relatively safer. Patients, medical professionals, and healthcare administrators can be confident that the recommendation of acupuncture for many patients is a safe, cost-effective, and evidence-based recommendation."